Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 57 - 6 More Days of Waiting

After the non-stop cramping I had all day on Thursday I haven't felt any odd symptoms since. Except being really tired in the evenings...pretty sure that is a symptom of all the excess holiday food I've been chowing. I've had sore boobs too, but they have been tender even before the embryo transfer from the three times daily progesterone I'm on, so I'm not counting that as anything worth noting. All in all I feel very normal....which is good, but it also makes this wait feel even longer. Am I pregnant, am I not?? What's the verdict??

I keep wondering what our two little embryos are up to in there? Could one of them have actually implanted the other day? Or maybe even both? Or was that just cramping from my ovaries who are still big and fat and mildly tender from the super egg production? Are our embryos living and growing into a baby or have they pooped out like the rest? When I wake up at night I touch my belly and think about them. Most mornings when I wake up I just lay there thinking about them until Ben wakes up too and we start our days. I think about them literally every 5 minutes or less. I am constantly praying that they are still doing well.

I have even been dreaming a lot too. I dreamt last night that I was pregnant and I ran into Madonna and told her that I was expecting and she gave me a huge hug. I know...I've gone nuts. Apparently I am friends with Madge in dream land. Ha!

This waiting is really the hardest part of the whole IVF experience. We've made it through 6 days and in 6 more we will have our answer. Pregnant?? I sure hope so!!!!


  1. I just found your blog (you signed up as my follower-thanks) and I can't wait to hear the results of your test next week! My fingers are crossed!!!

  2. I hope so to!! The wait is definitely the worst part. You're half way there! I can't believe your RE makes you wait until 12dp5dt! Torture. Good luck making it out with your sanity ;)

  3. Half-way there! Keep up the great attitude. And I think even Madonna would be praying for you if she knew you =)

  4. An IVF tww must feel soooo long. Hang in there you're doing great! I'm looking forward to a BFP post in a few days :)