Saturday, November 13, 2010

3 Months!

I have officially become the worst blogger, but I want to assure my bloggy friends that I DO still read all your posts on my Blackberry, but I am not able to comment that way. Please know that I still follow your stories!!

Motherhood is completely amazing. All of the tears from our past struggle have become distant memories and all the pain was completely worth it. I see hearts flying through the air every time I look at my daughter. She smiles so much now and my heart melts with each grin. I would go through all the doctor appointments, the shots and all the heavy hearted times just for one of her smiles!! She is my heart and nothing can compare to this love I have for her.

She giggles and coos (loudly) and listening to her baby noises in our house is a dream come true. I constantly feel the need to pinch myself that this is real. All of my prayers have been answered. We are parents!!!! I feel like the happiest wife and MOTHER alive!!

Here is our last month in photos...

Learning to sit up...with the help of my bobby pillow

At the park with Daddy

Stolling at the park

At the park with Mommy in my FAVORITE sling

Learning how to ride our big dog, Libby.

My first trip to a pumpkin patch (I slept the whole time.)

We went with Auntie Rachael and Cousin Logan

Communicating with my "Home Planet" again...

Mommy blinged out my pacifier to make it prettier!

I had a stare-down with a bug...

Dressed up as a 'Pea in the Pod' for Halloween

Went 'Trick or Treating' at Auntie Brooke's house

I learned how to splash water all over the place during my baths...super fun!!

We went out to celebrate Mom's big 3-0 birthday with all her friends! Mmmm...Margaritas!!!

And of course, my 3 month photo!! Watch me grow...

The little dog, Bunny, joined in this month!

Try diapering or dressing this baby!!! She's a wild one!! :)

Love to all my blogging sisters out there.....You are in my thoughts!! XOXO