Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 33 - Part 1

Yesterday's birthday was wonderful!! Our hike was awesome!! Delicious king crab for dinner then home to blow out some candles and make a HUGE wish. After dark we snuggled on the couch and watched a couple movies. I couldn't have asked for a better day!!

This morning I am excited about visiting my doctor for the first time since my Day 3 blood work. I have been injecting Lupron for 11 days and expect that my ovaries are quiet by now, so I'm guessing that I will start on stims tomorrow!! I have a long list of questions for my appointment today that I'm eager to ask. I'm not going to bother writing them here (since most are pretty technical) but it's important for me to be more "involved" this time through. The last IVF round I was more like a passenger who just went with the flow. I feel that my stress levels were higher last round because I didn't know what I was injecting myself with or what was happening inside my body. This time I will still have to "go with the flow" (since obviously our doc knows best), but I want to at least know what are the appropriate questions to ask and have an idea what the answers mean. Being more educated about the process, I feel, will allow me more peace of mind. (I'll apologize ahead of time if my blog tends to get technical but that is what I know will help me to feel like I'm not a passenger in the process of OUR IVF.)

Off to the doc...


  1. THanks for checking out my blog! It looks like your IVF cycle is well underway! I pray that your body does exactly what it is supposed to!

    Love the blog. Looking forward to following it during your journey.

  2. Hi Emily. I love your blog too. Thanks for the positive thoughts and please know that I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your FET too!! :)