Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 49 - Day 2 Embryo Progress Report

A nurse called this morning to happily inform us that ALL 11 of our embryos made it through the night and are doing very well. We are overjoyed! She also let us know that the transfer will be tomorrow morning (day 3) at 11:15 AM. They are going to call at 9 AM to either confirm or possibly reschedule for Monday (day 5) if they feel it's in our best interest to watch the embryos continue to grow a little longer. We will just have to wait and see.

It's so amazing to know that our genetic products and possible future children are out there alive and dividing right at this very moment. I can't wait to have a couple of them snugly transferred into their mama!! And we are becoming more hopeful that we might really have some to freeze for future attempts. We feel so overwhelmed with good news after our previous IVF heartbreak of only getting two poor quality embryos that didn't make it. We didn't allow ourselves to fully imagine that we could actually be in this position. But here we are with 11 embryos and considering a day 5 transfer!!! We just feel so blessed and we continue to pray for the well being of our teenie, tiny embabies!!

Oh, and Ben thought it was funny when he caught me "blogging in my Snuggie" when I was on the couch after my retrieval the other day. Here's the nerdy picture. :)

I'll update soon...thanks again for everyone's well wishes and tremendous support!!


  1. What a great update! I love the pic, too. Very cute. You look very comfy. It is so awesome that you have 11 embryos still alive and going strong! Good luck tomorrow, with either transfer, or just on your next embryo update!

  2. Woo Hoo! I am so glad all 11 are doing well. The snuggie looks comfy!

  3. Such great news! Can't wait to hear how the embies are doing tomorrow!