Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 36 - Paranoia and Superstition

So I learned this morning that all the hormones in my system have mental side effects that are definitely not on the warning labels. Being sore at the injection site and having hot flashes are to be expected, but the bitchiness, and mood swings have shown up too. I actually got upset with my husband for putting a 12-pack of bubbly water on the wrong shelf in the refrigerator. Then not 5 minutes after that irritable outburst I felt like I was going to cry for no reason at all. Yikes! Also I seem to have come down with a severe case of paranoia! I completely imagined that a good friend of mine was angry with me and it's been bothering me all morning. So I texted her to clear that air and she immediately called me because she had no idea what I was talking about. It's official...I'm crazy!! We both had a good laugh about it.

Yesterday when I was out with another good friend for a lovely afternoon of lunch and window shopping I learned that this cycle has turned me into a superstitious IVF patient in addition to the moodiness. When we were in a little boutique I came upon this beautiful grouping of antique marble eggs. Since I have nothing but eggs on the brain (well paranoia too I suppose) I decided to get a few "Lucky" ones. Hey, it can't hurt right?? Here they are...Aren't they pretty?

I'm pretty sure I will survive this hormone roller coaster...lets hope that all the supportive people I have around me can put up with my ludicrous behavior.


  1. I know exactly what you mean with the hormones making you wacky! I give my husband so much credit for dealing with it all. Thankfully he knows when I'm being super bitch or sensitive senora, it's not him ... it's the hormones! lol

    P.S. - Love those eggs! Very pretty :)

  2. Haha....I can totally relate to the hormone roller coaster. I have picked several "nothing" fights with my husband this cycle because of it!

    Keep telling yourself "it will all be worth it, it will all be worth it!"

  3. Thanks ladies!! It's us against the hormones!! LOL. Thank God for understanding husbands!! :)

  4. Hey, I'm glad you found my blog! That's cool that we're both in IVF #2 together. I am so nervous for my retrieval tomorrow ... I am afraid my embryos will look terrible again. =( I was reading other entries and I saw that your RE told you e2 levels under 1500 mean no risk of OHSS. That makes me feel so good -- mine is in the 1300s for the final level. Last time it was in the high 2000s and I had severe OHSS. I am terrified of getting it again, so your info gives me so relief.

    I am looking forward to following along with your 2nd IVF and I hope it brings you your BFP! =)