Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CAN'T WAIT for my First OB Appt. Tomorrow!!

This wait has been really tough on me...very similar to the anxiety of my 2WW, but way LONGER! It's been one month...4 WEEKS...since we were released from the RE. I know, I know, that's only 2 weeks longer than the 2WW, but it feels like it's been 2 months or longer!

I realize that I'd better get used to this kind of wait since 4 weeks is the standard time between all my upcoming OB appointments until my third trimester. It's just that the last time we saw our baby he/she was only 10 weeks (1st trimester) and now I'm 14 weeks (2nd trimester). With all the horror stories out there about miscarriage in the first trimester I felt a great sigh of relief when we crossed over to the second trimester, but I have yet to have a doctor confirm that our baby is still doing great. I have had very minimal symptoms throughout my whole pregnancy thus far so I've had nothing physical to really go by. And not to mention that symptoms are suppose to ease in the second trimester so how would I know either way?

I don't mean to be projecting worry or fear that something is actually wrong with my baby or my pregnancy, because in my heart I believe that he or she is doing great. And I've had no spotting or pain or anything to make me worry, and my belly is growing. It's just that I love my baby so much already and I know how hard it was to get here, so trusting my heart or my belly isn't enough for me to be able to relax. I am so eager to SEE our little Pea again on the u/s screen. I just want to hear my doctor say, "All is well." I cannot wait to see all the changes that have happened to our growing little miracle. I am still dying to HEAR the heartbeat since our RE never turned on the sound. I'm anxious to know what the heartbeat actually is since we were never given an exact figure from our out IVF doc. He just said, "It's somewhere b/w 120 and 160." Great, huh?

I selected the OB I'm seeing based on friend recommendations and internet ratings....which were both great! He is supposed to have excellent bedside manner and is known for taking his time and never making patients feel rushed. Also he's in practice by himself so I will always be seeing him and not one of his partners. I really hope that he'll take his time with us tomorrow so that I can get a GOOD look at my growing fetus. My past ultrasounds went by so fast they felt like a blur.

I'll post the picture(s) and an update as soon as can!

Do any of you have any recommendations of specific questions I should ask or requests I could make? I have a list of the "basic" inquiries that I'd assume most people will ask, but I'm wondering if any of you might think of something that I'm not. Thanks! :)


  1. Have you thought about getting a fetal heart doppler to listen to the HB in between appointments?

    I can't wait to see the pictures of your little guy/girl tomorrow!!!! Are you in maternity clothes yet?

  2. Emily...Yes, we have thought about a doppler. I think we might get one since I know it would help me have some peace of mind. :)

    Yup, maternity clothes all the way!! I should post some belly pics soon too!!

  3. Have fun tomorrow!!!

    You will probably get a lot of attention now as there are so many things they can check now,
    - is there fluid in the stomach
    - is there fluid in the kidneys/bladder, that indicates that the brain is working.
    all sorts of things that he will probably check. It was so much different from the RE´s ultrasounds that were rather quick (not much to see either).

  4. I can't wait to hear about your appt! And girl, you know I am with you about the worrying in between appts. I've been "lucky" enough (not really lucky to have bled and then need a follow up, but...) to have had a lot of u/s and I'm still a wreck! I know these last 4 weeks were way tougher than the 2ww. But tomorrow you'll see him/her!!! So exciting!
    At my first OB appt, the gave me some information about foods and medications to stay away from, but that was about it. I didn't really ask too many questions...don't know if I should have or not.
    Good luck!!

  5. Yay! I'm so excited that your OB appointment is finally here! Can't wait to see pics!

    I completely know what you mean about not having a ton of physical symptoms. It does allow those sneaking suspicions to creep in sometimes.

    I love having a doppler at home, but it is a little nerve-racking right now finding the hb while the baby is still so small. Hubby is the only one that can consistently find it...I just find my own hb over and over! ;-)

    Thinking of you...

  6. Good luck with your appointment tomorrow! I love all the new pictures.

  7. Good luck at your first OB appointment. I've now had three appointments, two of them were my scheduled appointments, the first at 10 weeks (I was released from the RE at 8 weeks) and then at 14 weeks. Around the transition from week 12 to week 13, I had spotting, so I went in for an u/s. It was nice to have the extra peek. :-) I'm sure everything is wonderful with your little blessing. I am excited to have a pregnancy buddy on my blog. Awesome!

  8. I can't wait to hear about your u/s today!! Praying for you and waiting impatiently for an update! ;)

  9. Having to go to 4 weeks between appts was so hard! The last week is just doubt and anxiety ridden. But then when I had a 3 week wait, it was just as hard. It does get easier once the baby movements start. It was hard but I managed to resist the doppler because DH looked at me like I was a freak every time I mentioned getting one. Hope your appt went well!