Wednesday, February 10, 2010

14 Week Ultrasound w/ new OB

Today was sweet and sour...but mostly SWEET!! I'll start with the good stuff...

We met with our new obstetrician, Dr. F, who was kind and gentle, and instantly made me feel at ease. In fact, when I think about it, I was more relaxed with him today than I EVER was with my RE. Not that being in stirrups is a thing that gets me all panicked, cause lord only knows how many times I've been in them since the beginning of all this. It’s just that having someone in your nether regions isn't all relaxing like when you're getting your hair shampooed at the salon. It will always be somewhat uncomfortable no matter what, but today, with my new doc, it was much easier on me. He just moved slower and was more gentle with the instruments than any other gynecologist I've seen. I appreciated seeing a doctor who didn't work on my body like I was on an assembly line. OH, and get this ladies!! The lap cover was NOT made from that cheesy paper...It was a soft, pressed, white cotton sheet!! Real fabric.... Ah-Mazing!! I tell ya, it's the small things in life that really make me happy!! :)

We HEARD our baby's heartbeat for the very first time. WHOOP, WHOOP, WHOOP, WHOOP, WHOOP!!! It was a breathtaking sound. And our fetal heart rate was 162 BPM! Fast and strong...just like the baby itself!! We have a VERY Bouncy Bun in the Oven!! This baby was in constant motion for the entire u/s. I mean spinning, kicking, waving and bobbing so much that getting a picture was very difficult! Baby also had its legs crossed so no guesses on gender yet. We'll have to wait until week 19 when we have our next ultrasound scheduled. Oh well! Dr. F was able to count all 10 fingers as they waved around. And he said that the spine looked great with almost no fluid around it which means that there's a very low risk for downs syndrome. The baby's stomach was full of liquid so that indicates baby is swallowing and that the brain is functioning as it should be at this point. He did some other measurements of the femur, skull, abdomen, etc as best he could with all the movement and kept using beautiful words like, "great" and "perfect." Music to my ears after the weeks of nervous thoughts. At one point when Dr. F got a good view of some fingers he even said, " cute!" That made me feel so good that a doctor could allow himself to use a word like that to describe MY baby. We've made it to the second trimester and have a great bill of health!! I couldn't be more pleased with this news!

Now for the sour part...We had a snow storm hit yesterday morning and it lasted throughout the day so Dr. F had to close his office. Today he tried to fit all of yesterday's cancelled appointments in with his regularly scheduled appts. Yay for us! We waited over an hour just to be called back and once we were shown to the exam room...yup, you guessed it....more waiting. (This time with no you can see why I appreciated that real cotton cloth so much!!) We were there for OVER TWO FULL HOURS in total when we were told this appointment would last no longer than 45 minutes! It really wasn't that awful since we had no where we had to be, but what made it seem like it took forever was how EAGER I was to see my baby after all these weeks. I know weather can't be helped so we tried to be patient and definitely didn't complain.

The second thing is definitely a little more sour!! Dr. F told us that he was recording the entire sonogram with sound and all. We were SO EXCITED about it!! When we got home we instantly put the DVD in the machine and...Nothing. My husband then tried it on his laptop then mine, and still nothing. It turns out that there were no files recorded. I called their office to see if maybe he gave us the wrong DVD or they had another copy or something, but of course, no, it's gone forever. Actually it never was...apparently he didn't hit record properly. I'm so disapointed. It would have been a really great thing to show our baby some day when he or she is older...and it would have been fun to upload here on my blog. Oh well...shit happens! At least my baby is healthy...that is all the really matters. Since baby was moving so much, and he thought it was being recorded there wasn't much emphasis put on our still photos so that's why they are not the best. Here is our little Skeletar Alien:

3D image

When we go back in 5 weeks they have promised to do another full DVD recording for us. I'm sure that the new one one will be even better since the baby will be that much more mature. Next time I will be sure to ask, "Are you SURE that its recording?!?!"

Summary: Perfect fetal heartbeat, 10 fingers, lots of movement, a really nice doctor, and cotton was a very good day, DVD or not!!


  1. Wow! Look how big the baby is. I'm so glad that your appt went well. 14 weeks went by really fast!!

  2. YAY you updated! Cilla, I am so incredibly happy for you!! I am so glad things went perfectly and that you liked your new OB. Amazing u/s photos!! That's so cool that you got a 3D one, too! You definitely made it to the 2nd trimester with flying colors! =)

  3. Priscilla, I'm so glad it was all good stuff to hear from the doctor. YAY for a beautiful heartbeat! That's what my Love Bug's heartbeat was this past Friday on the doppler at the OB. No u/s for me until the 20-week gender scan. I can't wait. I'm sure you are now counting down until the next u/s, it seems like forever in between appointments.

  4. Woo hoo!!! What a cutie pie! And you got to see him/her dance around - that's awesome!! You must be thrilled. Everything sounds perfect and that's exactly what you deserve. Is it five more weeks until the next one? That sounds like a while, but really hasn't this time just flown by? It seems like it was just a couple weeks ago that you had your BFP. It sounds like you're finding out the gender? That'll be so exciting! I'm super happy for you, girl!!

  5. Yayyyyy. I've been checking in all day for this post! Your baby looks beautiful! So happy to hear that everything is progressing nicely. How jealous am I that you get real cloth to cover your who-ha with!! It's the little things I guess!! Sorry about the DVD fiasco, but this will all be something to laugh at when you are holding your perfect little bundle of joy.

  6. I'm so happy that everything is going well!!! And I LOVE your slideshow at the top. It's a wonderful way to portray your journey to get to this point.

  7. Congratulations on another great ultrasound!!

  8. PERFECT! Love the pics! So sorry about the DVD, though...definitely a bummer! A great, fast hearbeat, too...a little girlie in there, perhaps? :-)

    Ok, I know that you were jealous of us hearing the heartbeat so early. But, I'm WAY jealous of you getting another u/s at 19 weeks! Technically our OB does this one at 12 and then not another until 27 weeks! If we want another we'll have to pay for it...which we wil be doing, because I'm not waiting until 27 weeks to know the gender! :-)

    So very glad that everything went well...that baby is healthy and wonderful!

  9. WOW amazing scans!!! loved seeing them. So glad to hear everything is good. YAY!!!
    Also loved looking at your slideshow. It's inspiring how happy and smiling you are in all those shots. You give me hope and strength, so thank you! xx

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! It does look like an alien! An adorably, precious, beautiful alien! V. funny. You'll definitely have to save that photo. Congrats on finding a doc you really like - so important!