Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blogger Award!!

Many thanks to Sabine at A Land Far Away for this sweet award!! She's in the depths of TTC...please stop by and give her some support if you have a moment!!

Seven (interesting) facts about me:

1. I grew up on a horse farm and could "ride" practically before I could walk. Here is a picture to prove it...

2. My Aunt, Dellie, gave me this chair for Christmas when I was 5 or 6 and I still have it, and it's in great shape. I look forward to putting it in our baby's room.

3. In high school I was captain and goal-keeper for the women's varsity soccer team during the fall and I cheerleaded for the men's basketball team during the winter. It surprised a lot of people that I didn't play for the women's basketball team. I liked to be tough one season and wear girly skirts the next! :)

(Yes, our cheerleading unifroms were hanus and competely butt ugly!)

4. I once got my hair braided into corn-rows in the Bahamas...Those tight braids HURT so much that I have sworn to never again wear my hair like that... and I have a new found respect for those who can.

5. Only 2 short weeks after my huband and I started dating we went to the Kentucky Derby in a limo with a group of friends. It was SO MUCH fun. We sat on a blanket in the infield...hence the casual attire. It would've been fun to wear a big fancy hat....maybe some other year. (Yes, I'm wearing a great big belt buckel in a Limousine. I was sporting the "country club meets country girl" look. HA!)

6. My sister and I have the same birthday...November 3rd....yet we are 4 years apart in age. (She's older)

7. I designed and built a website for my dad. He is a painter and this is one of the paintings he has done for me and Ben. It is a portrait of our Fox Hound, Libby. Please visit our website to see more of his paintings if you are interested.

I nominate the following bloggers to recieve this award:

Brooke: scifibaby

I WISH I could nominate more of you, but I'm follwing the rules...

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  1. Thanks so much for the award!! I really enjoyed learning 7 facts about you ... that's so cool that you could do soccer and then turn around and do cheerleading the next season. Also, I checked out your dad's site -- nice design and I really love his paintings! He has a lot of talent!

    Thanks for the info on the glider!! That is a huge help! =)

  2. Oooh! I feel so special!!! Thank you for recognizing my blog! And it's nice to learn new things about you - there is more to us than just IF and sometimes I forget that. I can't wait to put the award on my blog!!! It won't be today as I'm crazy busy but I'm about to be snowed in tomorrow...
    Love you girl!

  3. Wow! We have the same story! I'm 28, three years of trying, two fresh IVF/ICSI cycles, and I'll be 14 weeks on Sunday! Looking forward to keeping up with your blog! - Abby

  4. Hello!!! (and thank you!) I need to check out your Dad's site - will do that next. I loved looking at those photos - it is so awesome that you still have that chair...I wish I had some of my baby furniture still!

  5. I have had those corn-rows in the Bahamas too, and they hurt like hell!!! Also my hair was so broken afterwards.
    Loved your 7 facts, thanks for sharing xxx

    P.S. How cool that you and your sister are born on the same day! My husband shares his birthday with his mom, and weirdly my mom shares her birthday with her mom, who was also born on the same day as her sister!