Monday, February 1, 2010

12 Weeks 5 Days Update

  • OBGYN: My first OB appt is still not until Feb 10th! I last saw my RE on Jan this wait is getting tough!! At my last u/s my baby was 10 weeks and at the next u/s he or she will be 14 weeks!! I can't wait to see how much The Pea has changed and we hope to learn the gender at that point if baby is in the right position! Fingers crossed!!

  • Nursery: Ben and I got started thinking about baby furniture this past weekend. It was really fun!! We rearranged our bedroom since we plan on keeping our baby in our room with is for the first several months. In fact, we don't plan on setting up a nursery at all in our current house since we expect that Ben will be relocated cross country for his job shortly after the birth. When we get to our new house, our baby will be about 6 months old so that's when we'll decorate a permanent nursery. Not to mention in the current house the extra bedrooms are kinda far down the hallway and I know I wouldn't be comfortable leaving my baby that far away from me especially in the beginning. Also I plan on breastfeeding, so having baby in our room will be the most convenient for all! We ordered the following furniture:

  • Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper that fits right up against my bed to make midnight feedings easier and to be able to check in on baby frequently. It will hold up to 30 lbs so it's bigger and will last longer than a typical bassinet. (This also turns into a pack'n play for later on when baby is larger.) We'll worry about getting a crib later on down the road closer to our move.
  • Glider Chair & Ottoman will be great for nursing and rocking baby to sleep. We also like that it looks like a normal piece of furniture so we can keep it around and it isn't so obvious that it's a nursery glider.

  • Changing table will be the next thing to pick out, but we haven't found one that we love yet. I'll post pics of our bedroom/baby room when the furniture arrives and we get it all set up. I know some might think we're getting started way too early, but I don't care what anyone thinks! We're so excited that we're finally expecting that we can't help it! I'm sure we'll have everything all done and ready by the end of my second trimester. That's OK with me since my third trimester will be during the HOT summer months so I'll spend my free time lounging in a cool swimming pool with my big belly instead of running around to every baby store in town. :)

  • My symptoms are almost non existent. I feel great all the time. I'm just way more hungry and I crave really healthy food all the time. Vegetables, fruit, milk and more fruit!! On Saturday night at about 3:40 AM I was tossing and turning and thinking about cereal ...what else is new...and I didn't realize it but Ben was awake. Out of no where he said, "if you want to go downstairs to have a bowl of Cheerios, I'll come with you." I jumped to my feet and said, "awesome...lets go!!" We sat in the dark on the couch eating a couple bowls together in our PJ's while watching Keeping Up With The Kard.ashians since that was the only thing on at that hour. It was my favorite part of the weekend. I love my husband and I LOVE being pregnant!!! :)


  1. I was just checking in here and noticed your baby countdown. I have to say, it's starting to look more like a baby! Very excited for you :)

  2. Go for it - buy everything you want!! It's so much fun! I can't wait to start shopping!!

    And thanks for your support this weekend!! Just a little bump in an otherwise uneventful road.

    Keep us posted on everything you get!!

  3. I´m excited that you are going ahead and planning every thing. I haven´t gotten there as I´m constantly tired and sleeping when I´m not at work or thinking about work.

    But if I remeber correctly you cannot count on the sex of the baby to be correct on 14 week ultrasound, the external genitalia are just starting to develop and any results can be decieving. I think that 16-18 weeks is the earliest for determining the correct gender.
    And sometimes not possible to see until 20th week.

  4. I love the stuff you have picked out for the baby! Your glider reminds me of the one I like in the pics of the gray nursery. Where did you find it? I'd love to know! I also prefer the ones with the fabric all the way down the sides of the chair and ottoman.

    I am so happy you're doing so well and that you're enjoying every second of your pregnancy. You deserve it! And your husband is the sweetest thing for eating cereal in the dark with you -- too cute!! =)

  5. I love the cheerios invite, what a cute hubby :) I can't wait to start doing our nursery too, and learn gender! So exciting... can't wait to hear about your appt next week

  6. I would have had the nursery set up the week after I got my BFP if the husband had let me. He's more conservative about doing things too soon. I'm still trying to get him to agree on a name!

  7. Girl...I think it is awesome to have your nursery all set up. Actually I think it is kind of crazy to wait till the end when your belly is huge and you can't move around very well to get everything done!

    Love the glider and co-sleeper. We've got a bassinet that my SIL is giving us so we'll use that to BF in the middle of the night!

    See you think you are crazy...I am accumulating baby things and I am only 5 weeks!

    Coincidently I've also been perusing maternity swim suits because I figure as soon as the warm weather hits, I am not going to want my big old belly hanging out in a bikini!

  8. I have heard great things about the co-sleepers :) I can't wait to join you searching for baby stuff!

  9. Cilla, I've nominated you for an award on my blog, check it out! And yay for baby shopping!!! xx

  10. I like that co-sleeper, I've never seen that before!

    We have the same wedding day by the way!! :)

  11. The great thing about the co-sleeper is that it's got the benefits of sleeping with the baby, but with the baby not right in bed with you, YOU will get more sleep!