Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 24 - Hello Side Effects!!

I am the HOT FLASH queen today! My ovaries are sore, my skin feels like it's crawling, and I'm exhausted from the insomnia the shots have given me for the last couple nights. I feel emotional and irritable all at the same time. I'm definitely not at my finest... But, hey, it's all good!! I can take it!! (Poor Ben!!)

Before the Lupron suppresses my ovary function is actually causes the opposite to happen. For the first few days it's normal for my natural hormones to surge so that's why I'm experiencing these menopausal symptoms.

Hopefully they fade in a few days!!

When I was out doing errands today I had a thought. I'm really glad that we're doing IVF during the fall. It's amazing how weather can effect one's mood. So I'm feeling grateful that it worked out to be going through this during my favorite season! It definitely makes the creepy side effects more manageable!

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