Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 20 - Laughter

Before our first cycle I remember a friend telling me that she had heard about a study that looked at laughter and its effects on the success of IVF. Ultimately it was concluded that the more women laughed during their treatment, the better their success rates were. This concept made immediate sense to me. We've all heard, "laughter is the best medicine," right?

So with this advice I planned to surround myself with nothing but comedy, light hearted movies and pleasant people who laugh easily. (Just like my husband, Ben, who has an intoxicating chuckle.) However, I think I lost track of that mindset early on because of the stress of the unknown process. I just became too serious and allowed my worries to take over. I'm not saying that is reason our first IVF failed, but I have wondered.

This time I'm determined to keep my spirits bright and not forget to have a smile on my face. I believe that energy is a powerful force and we get back what we put off.

In the spirit of hearty laughter, I've decided to share this link (sorry you have to copy and paste it to a new browser window...and make sure you have your volume up too). It's a video I posted of my two dogs (Bunny & Libby) in our old back yard in Delaware. Every time I watch it I crack up! (Try to count the number of circles they's SO ridiculous!)

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  1. Having laughed with you when watching this hilarious video, I showed it to Daddy just now. I laughed again, and he did too! Thanks!