Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 19 - Good Weather & Support

The fall weather today just couldn't have been more perfect. Autumns in Southwest Ohio make living here totally worth it. I walked about 5 miles in the glorious sunshine with a good friend and my puppy. The Sugar Maple trees were absolutely neon orange in the sunlight and the air was crisp on my cheeks. I just couldn't help but smile.

My friend and I talked a lot about my IVF, her previous miscarriages and the fact that these two taboo subjects are ordinarily not discussed. We both agreed that it's silly to keep hiding behind the cloak of fertility issues. It just seems unfair to us that pregnant women and new moms are constantly shown love, interest and curiosity when we TOO need that support. Because of this, we have both decided to be more open about our respective situations. It's nice to have such open dialogue with someone else who knows this type struggle.

I have several other women in my life who have been incredible to me during this time of distress. Some of them have also opened up about their fertility issues, and I believe we will have a life long bond because of that. Others are just extremely generous with their time, ears and support. Good friends are so important and I feel blessed to have so many.

My mother and older sister have also been major sources of strength for me and I want acknowledge that here too. There have been many, many hours that I have talked in circle to them about my pain, frustration, anguish and sadness. They were both beyond loving and expressed their deepest sympathy even when it seemed to me that they had no idea what I was really feeling.

That's the thing about infertility (or any other experience in life)...It's impossible to really explain, and one can't truly understand the emotional response unless they've felt it first hand.

Regardless, I am doing my best to put my truth out there. Knowing that I have friends and family who support me, especially on a gorgeous fall day like today, has me smiling and feeling whole.

Thank you loved ones, and thank you Mother Nature!!

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