Friday, June 25, 2010

Our Birth Plan

Below is our typed up one-pager we will be giving our doctor and sending to the hospital for our chart. I also plan on bringing a few copies to hand to the nurse(s) on duty when I actually go into labor. This has become a common practice and was encouraged by our physician, our childbirth class educator and our doula. Having a few bullet points on paper makes it easier for everyone to be one the same page so they can help support us the way we want to be supported. Also, this way, we wont have to continue to repeat our wishes over and over again whenever a new person walks into the room.

(We have already discussed and agreed all of the following with our doctor and he is totally on board to help us achieve our goal! We chose to see this specific doc because of his reputation for encouraging natural, unmedicated births...he rocks!!!!)

Birth Plan for Priscilla & Ben B.
June 25, 2010

We are striving for a natural, unmedicated birth at Bethesda North Hospital. We have taken Unmedicated Childbirth classes and toured the hospital’s OB unit. We have complete faith in the care we will receive at Bethesda North, and we would especially like to be encouraged by the medical staff to follow through with an unmedicated labor and birth.

In labor and delivery, Priscilla would prefer:
• The freedom to move about as much as possible utilizing a birthing ball, shower/tub, squatting bar, etc. to achieve as much physical comfort as possible.
• To have a stationary fetal monitor attached only when medically necessary. A wireless monitor is ok.
• To drink clear fluids and/or suck on ice rather than receiving I.V. fluids; establishing a hep-lock is ok.
• Not to have a vaginal exam unless necessary or desired.
• To be able to dim the lights and listen to music to help achieve relaxation.
• NOT to be given Pitocin, Misoprostol (Cytotec) or any other contraction inducing/enhancing drug unless medically necessary.
• NOT to have her water broken by the staff unless medically necessary.
• To be able to push her baby out in whatever position feels right (lying on her side, squatting on the bed,
   hands and knees on the bed, etc.)
• To deliver without an episiotomy unless medically necessary.
• To deliver without the help of forceps or vacuum extractor unless medically necessary.

Immediately after the birth, Priscilla would prefer:
• To hold the baby on her chest (skin to skin contact) and nurse as soon as possible.
• That the umbilical cord stop pulsating before it is cut.
• For Ben, the father, to cut the cord.
• That the baby not be given any bottles or pacifiers unless medically necessary.
• That the baby never leaves her side unless medically necessary.

We know that complications could arise that would require us to deviate from our desire for a natural, unmedicated birth. We value the support of the hospital staff and our physician in guiding us to deliver a healthy baby in any event.

If a Cesarean becomes necessary, we prefer:
• For Ben to be present.
• For Priscilla to be awake during surgery.
• For Priscilla to be able to touch the baby immediately after the birth.
• For Ben to be able to hold the baby in the operating room.
• That the baby never leaves us unless medically necessary.

Thank you very much for your kind attention.

Priscilla and Ben B.
Due Date: August 11, 2010


  1. WOW!!!!! I've never seen an actual birth plan! You put A LOT of thought and consideration into every word. Good for you!!!

  2. Looks good. Sounds like you have covered all of your bases!

  3. Your plan is definitely more in-depth than mine. It's great that you have such a plan in mind. Hope it all goes well!!!

  4. Your birth plan is very well thought out :) One thing that I´m curious about. What is the reason for this one:
    "That the umbilical cord stop pulsating before it is cut"

  5. I think it's PERFECT. I especially love that the hospital and everyone is so on board with the idea of a written birth plan. I've thought about writing one up, but I don't think anyone would read it. Maybe I'll have to ask more about this next visit (we just switched OBs and I failed to ask about this last time).

  6. I'm copy and pasting! Ha, ha. It's perfect.
    (positive thinking, you know)

  7. That is great! I may just be copying some of that myself :)

  8. Thanks for sharing your Birth Plan. Looks like you've really thought it through. I hope it works out just like you planned!

  9. That looks great! I am sure you guys are beside yourself as you move into the final few weeks! So happy for you and Ben!

  10. Good luck! You really thought about everything, you are AWESOME. I didn't think of anything and actually missed the actual classed that covered the birth. :)