Thursday, June 24, 2010

1st Birthing Class

Days left until our due date: 48!!

That is SO hard for me to believe! Time has really started to fly! Thank you summer!!

So the other night Ben and I went to our first Unmedicated Childbirth Class. It was fun to be around other couples who want the same thing out of their birth experience as we do. It was a nice break from the many questions we normally get from people like, "why would you want to feel the pain of natural child birth?!?"

I keep telling everyone that I'm not making any promises that might set me up for regret or disappointment, but I would like to go into labor with the intention to go all the way through unmedicated. I just feel that's what's best for me and my baby. To be honest I'm more afraid of an epidural and the slippery slope of complications that can ensue as a result than I am fearful of the pain. Everyone keeps telling me that I'll change my mind. We'll see.

I believe having a doula's support gets me one step closer to my goal. Also having a written out birth plan can't hurt, so I'm gonna work on that today.

I'm still feeling fabulous and staying active. Pregnancy really has been easier for me than I expected. (What a relief after years of infertiltiy!!!) Woo Hoo!! Hope I can keep this attitude  all the way through my labor and delivery!! I'll post my birth plan when I get it written.

And here is a baby bump picture taken today!


  1. look at that beautiful bump!!!!!! 48 days is nothing!

  2. What a beautiful bump you've got there! I think we are carrying very similar. I hope you can have the perfect birth experience and everything turns out just like you want it to. As long as there is a healthy baby in the end, it will be great!

  3. I think it's so admirable that you're anticipating a natural birth. I hope it works out for you! I'm terrified and you seem to have it so together!! And yes, I'm totally jealous of your bump - mine is not nearly as cute! Almost there!!!

  4. I love your bump - it's my favorite!
    We have lamaze on Saturday so it should be's hard to believe we're coming so close!
    I love your birth plan - so flexible and forgiving. Whatever happens, you and baby Morgan will be great! Let's hope that labor is simple and she slides right on out! If only, right?

  5. Super cute pic :)
    I'm glad you liked your class! We finished our childbirth classes and I am even MORE terrified of childbirth that I was before (which is hard to imagine).
    I think you sound super informed and level headed about your plan. Can't wait to read the details :)

  6. Can I just say how adorable your belly is! Seriously! I think natural childbirth is an amazing goal. I also think you are wise in that you are not 100% writing the meds off, if you need them you need them. I think having a doula will help. They are so well trained and can help you stay focused. Oh my gosh, only 45 more days!!

  7. Your baby bump is so cute! You are really brave to try to do a natural childbirth and I admire you for it. I really hope that it goes exactly as you have imagined it so you get to take back some of the control IF took away and you get a beautifully ideal birth experience!! *hugs*

    P.S. Can't believe it's SO soon!!!!