Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Chiropractic Visit

I LOVE my new chiropractor! What a wonderful change of pace after all the months of needle pricks and vaginal ultrasounds.

It felt great when he gingerly moved his hands up and down my spine gently pocking and rubbing in certain areas along my back to get an understanding of my unique spinal structure. For the first time in along while I didn't feel like I was on an assembly line. Ahhh...I'm an individual again!!

The appointment itself was really nice. He and I got to know each other (more him getting to know me than vice versa) before he did any adjusting. Once he was ready to work on me he took his time just running his hands up and down my back. His touch felt very sure and knowledgeable. It trusted him immediately. I easily was able to take a deep breath, let him manipulate my position, and "CRACK!" Amazing relief!! I had no idea how tight my entire body I has really become. I'm sure this whole IVF journey might have a lot to do with it.

It may sound a little barbaric to have a man wrap his arms around you and use force to get a tension releasing crack from your spine, but I promise it didn't hurt at all. It was pure heaven! I feel so much looser already after one appointment.

He also gave me some exercises I can do at home to help strengthen my hips. He explained that building those muscles will help take some of the strain out of my lower back along with regular adjustments.

I'm going back twice this week then the doc thinks I should be able to get by with once a week or just a few times a month. I am so glad I have chosen to do this throughout my pregnancy. I can tell already is it going to be very helpful!

My chiropractor also suggested I start some prenatal Yoga classes. I told him I have already been considering it, so his advice gave me the push I needed. I'm definitely going to get started! I have done Yoga in the past, and loved it...not sure why I ever stopped going.

After all this crazy conception intervention I realized that I've forgotten to take care of the rest of my body. I have been taking all kinds of vitamins and getting exercise, but I've only focused on the health of my uterus, my eggs, and now my baby. I had forgotten what massage, yoga and chiropractic adjustments can do for the mind, body and spirit! I have felt lost in all the infertility and the impersonal doctor's office visits that I have been feeling a bit worn out lately. After today's appointment I feel more vibrant and whole! What a relief!! :)


  1. Yay! Way to take care of YOU! It's so important. I was doing a lot of yoga before the embryo transfer but have realy slacked off of doing anything physical since. You're right - I need to get back into it! So glad you had a good experience at this place...you never know what you're getting into when you open that office door, right? Keep on crackin'! =)

  2. So glad to hear it was such a great experience for you! You deserve some pampering after all IF has put you through!!

  3. Glad you loved it! I have sharp, pinching back pain (super low back) ALL the time- pretty much every time I get up after sitting or lying down. I am still not allowed to exercise, etc. But hopefully next week I'll be able to get back into the swing! Boy that will be a change to go from training for endurance athletic races to where I'm at now (stairs? Oh no, lol). I'm so glad you loved the chiro!!! And you'll have to tell us about the yoga. I hate yoga so I don't think I'll be doing it, but maybe you can convince me :)