Monday, January 11, 2010

Back Pain!

My lower back has been really bothering my these days especially at bedtime. I've tried body pillows and heating pads, but nothing really seems to ease the pain. I haven't tried tylenol, but I've opted not to take anything like that unless its absolutely necessary like if I have a fever or something. At first the back pain worried me because I've read that that could be an early sign of miscarriage, but since I've had zero spotting though out my 9 weeks and 5 days of being pregnant I keep trying to remind myself that being fearful isn't productive. Also I've been reassured by my sister, who's a midwife on the west coast, that the pain is very normal and it is most likely a result of loosening ligaments in my pelvis which is caused by my growing uterus. She recommended I go see a chiropractor who could help me by performing adjustments and massage.

I have my first appointment tomorrow with a chiropractor who a good friend has recommended. I have been to an other chiropractor in 2005 after I suffered a head and back injury. The adjustments I received then made a huge difference in my day to day pain and the speed of my healing. The doctor I went to then, who I LOVED, has since moved away, so I'm hoping the new doc can give me same level of care and relief. I'm sure he's great since my friend has totally vouched for him. I made sure that this chiropractor I'm seeing is accustomed to working on pregnant women and I was assured that he does it all the time. In fact, he thinks that women who come for regular adjustments during their pregnancies tend to have faster and more successful labor and deliveries. I hope he's right and I that my back starts to feel better soon!!


  1. Woah! Crazy timing on our posts today, huh? Glad to know that the back pain is perfectly normal. I started to worry a bit, too. I haven't been getting as much water in lately (it tastes bad, which is so weird!), so between that, the back pain and the constant chills, I started to think I had a kidney infection or something! Luckily the chills have subsided a bit! I finally broke down and took one tylenol last night so that I could get a decent night's sleep! I totally feel your pain on this one!

    Both of our second u/s are coming up on Wednesday! YAY!!!! Can't wait!

  2. Aww, I am sorry your back is hurting so badly. Do you think it could be partially due to your old injury (as in now that your uterus is expanding it's somehow affecting the areas you hurt before)? I hope the chiropractor is able to take away the pain after a few sessions. I went to one for a little while for my scoliosis and it really seemed to help, but I just couldn't do it for long because I don't like that "cracking" feeling (gives me shivers lol)!

    Let us know how it goes!

  3. I hope your appt brings you relief from your pain ;-) My back was hurting a little yesterday... you know, at 5dpo... ;-) Haha! I'm so glad that everything is going smoothly for you otherwise!! Can't wait for the update after your u/s tomorrow!

  4. Hope the chiropractor is able to fix everything. I think I read something about how your shifting center of gravity can put strain on your back, so realignment sounds good!