Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm back!

Hello Blog-world! I've missed you! I have been totally M.I.A. since before Christmas. It feels good to be back!

On Christmas Eve we surprised Ben's family with our 7 week sonogram framed and wrapped in a gift box. They seemed very happy for us and look forward to welcoming the first grand-baby into the family.

Ringing in the new year sober was a new experience for me. I had a good time, but it made me realize that Champagne really brings a lot to the evening and the non-alcoholic sparking grape juice I drank this year...not so much! Being pregnant is the best high of all so I could definitely forgo the bubbly this year, although, it was difficult to stay awake that late as I have become the sleepiest version of myself that I've ever known.

All in all our holiday vacation was wonderful. We had lots of time just the two of us to smile and reflect on all the changes that are going to happened over the next 7months. We also enjoyed time with friends and family playing games, exchanging gifts and eating meals together.

The bond between Ben and I feels extra special these days. Many times over the last couple weeks when our eyes locked across a crowded room we couldn't help but smiling at each other. Just knowing what's growing inside me is an amazing feeling. A feeling we feared we'd never know. We're so happy and relieved that we made it this far and we're so excited for the future. I find it very romantic to be pregnant with my Love's baby.

I have been feeling pretty good recently. Really sleepy some days, moody (verging on bitchy at some moments), sore boobs, hungry all the know, PREGNANCY symptoms!!'s a wonderful thing! I honestly have nothing to complain about. I finally have everything I've always wanted so I'm soaking it all up!

I'm still on Endometrin (vaginal progesterone suppositories) but I've been cut back from three times a day, to twice a day, to now only one a day since our first ultrasound. I can't believe how long I've been on these damn things. I know I said that I have nothing to complain about, but these are the one thing I have a few choice words for. GROSS...being the first one that comes to mind! I am so ready to stop using them. My doctor wants me to continue once a day until our next ultrasound which is still 10 days away. I can manage it for sure, but I'm really ready to be a normal pregnant person who is on nothing more than prenatal vitamins! I have been using prescribed hormone drugs for 73 days and counting! If these drugs help my baby stay put and keeps him/her healthy than I can do it, but I'm also starting to feel that my body is capable of taking over it's own hormone production! Doctor know best, so we'll see what he says on January 13th. Until then, I'm feeling content and confident that The Pea is growing fast and stong!

Happy New Year!!!


  1. Sounds like everything is going so well for you guys!! I admire (and am jealous of!) your ability to be so positive. I just feel so scared still, but it's still so early for us...
    Keep us posted on your next ultrasound! And i agree that the endometrin has got to go! And soon. I should buy stock in Carefree panty liners! =)

  2. I can't wait to have all the things normal preggo women take for granted ... like morning sickness, having to pee every five seconds, etc. etc. I'm very happy for you as this has been a long time coming! Definitely soak it all up!

  3. It sounds like everything has been going wonderful! You're next appointment will be here before you know it!

  4. Welcome back- so glad everything is going wonderfully!!! Keep us posted!!! :)

  5. Glad your vacation was wonderful! Welcome back! :-) Our next u/s (8wks) is on 1/13, too! It's going to be an awesome day for both of us!! Can't wait!

  6. Ugh I know what you mean about being on hormones for forever! I was sooo glad when they told me I could finally stop those horrible PIO injections. I liked how you told your family about the baby -- so cute!

    I am so happy things are going so smoothly! I will keep you guys in my prayers!

  7. Hi Cilla - I am glad things are going well and you had a nice holiday! We have started our FET cycle. I am still writing on my Too Much of Nothing blog, but decided to start another blog to focus more in my infertility journey. I have too many "real life" friends reading Too Much of Nothing and it was a little wierd after the first IVF didn't work. So, if you want to continue to follow my IF journey I am at Looking forward to hearing how things go on 1/13. Take care!

  8. Hello!!! Wow, your holiday sounds awesome. I love your description of the bond between you and Ben - how sweet!

  9. I have really enjoyed reading your story and look forward to hearing more. Congrats on the pregnancy!