Sunday, January 10, 2010

About my last post...

Hi Blog friends!

Thank you all so much for your supportive feedback about my docs smart-ass comment. I feel a lot better knowing that many of you out there would have been offended too.

I wanted to answer your questions and clarify one thing...

I know how sensitive I must seem, but hell, it comes with being infertile. I can't really help it anymore. I'm working on it though...

I don't plan on confronting on my RE. It won't change anything. He is what he is. Period. I am just using it as a learning experience. It showed how important it is to me to find the right chemistry and trust between patient and doctor. I wont tolerate that kind of relationship between me and the person who will be delivering my baby. (I have found an OB in my area that comes highly recommend from women for his incredible, laid back personality, and his support of his patients being as well informed as possible... so I really look forward to meeting him. I hope he is all that I am looking for!!)

Second, I guess I wasn't clear in my previous post. My doctor made his comment about our next IVF cycle at my FIRST appointment since our embryo transfer. It was NOT our last appointment with him. I still am going back this Wednesday for a second ultrasound. He has made no mention of when I will be released. Had it been our last appointment I would have expected him to discuss our next course of action when it comes to IVF since we wont be seeing him again until we want to try for more children. So it was the fact that HE brought it up at our FIRST ultrasound that pissed me off.

Whatever...I'm being able to shrug it off now thanks to your support!! :)

Thanks again!! You ladies are really the best!!


  1. Then it is great it is soon time to move on to OB/Gyn. Wish you all the best with finding the right chemistry ;)

  2. I would have been offended by what he said. In fact I was offended by things my RE said. Two things I learned through this whole process are: 1. You have to be your own advocate. REs/Doctors see tons of patients and don't necessarily know you from the next patient they are going to see. Often times I'd pretend this was the first time he's seen me even though I was in the office just two days ago. 2. Develop thick skin. It's the only way you'll survive the impersonal way of this whole thing.
    Keep looking for a great OB, he/she is out there!