Monday, August 9, 2010

Still pregnant...home remedies for inducing labor?

Day left until my due date: 2

Apparently our Morgan is still very cozy in my womb. I'm glad that I've provided such a warm and nice home for her, but come on Baby we want to see you!!!

I walked 4 miles the last two days and spent 3 hours wondering around IKEA yesterday. I was hoping all that time moving around on my feet would do the trick, but alas here I am still as round as a pumpkin feeling no closer to L&D.

People keep giving me the funniest advice..."lift a couch or something really heavy, go play tennis, do jumping jacks, eat some spicy Indian food." I highly doubt these are scientific and three out of the four sound a little dangerous to me. Indian food will most certainly give me the worst heartburn of all time. I'll pass...

Our doula and doctor have both suggested sex.

Making love at 40 weeks pregnant when your parents are staying with you just down the hall is about as unromantic as it can possibly get, but desperate times call for desperate measures.....still, we've had no luck.

Also our doula, my doc, my sister (who's a midwife) and our childbirth educator have all suggested nipple stimulation for 30 minutes a day to help my body produce oxytocin, the labor inducing hormone. In theory it sounds like a great idea, but who wants to sit around for half an hour every day and squeeze their own nipples repeatedly like a monkey? I just can't quite get disciplined enough to follow this one, but give me a few more days of this endless waiting...I might change my mind. :)

I'm telling you, it seems our baby does not want to be coaxed out yet. She is very cozy and content for now, so we just have to continue to be patient.

Oh and some others have suggested castor oil. NO thanks. I would rather wait and be induced medically than experience this self inflicted hell:

"Castor oil almost always causes diarrhea. Its primary use is a stimulant laxative. It has an unpleasant taste and may cause nausea, vomiting, and abdominal cramping. If you do not wish to experience these symptoms, do not try castor oil."


Here's a picture of me from last night. Football preseason has started and my team's jersey is a little tight this year...only one solution for this. GIVE BIRTH!!


  1. You are so adorable! I'm sorry the little lady has decided that she'll remain in your uterus for what seems like forever. Amazing how we all prayed so hard that a baby could stay in there, and now we pray that it will move on out. Sex and nipple stimulation were the big 2 that we learned in PA school. Sorry it's not working! I'm stalking your blog at this point, ready to hear that she's hear!!!

  2. Driving over rail road tracks? Ha ha! My Mom drank a beer and her contractions started with my brother. I don't recommend this one.

    Thinking of you!!!!!

  3. heya prisc! soon soon! it's when you least expect it! :) have fun!

  4. I was watching a baby story the other day and for nipple stimulation the birth coach had the woman put her breast pump on. That did the trick because her contractions got going! Maybe instead of manually stimulating, you can just hook up your breast pump and let it do the work for you!
    Good luck. Can't wait for the "Meet Morgan" post!!!!! You are going to do amazing bringing her into this world!!!

  5. OH girl!!! I hope she comes soon!!! I can't imagine looking that due date in the eye and just waiting...and waiting. Has your dr said at what point they might induce? My OB said that with IVF babies, they wouldn't let me go past the due date. I hope she comes naturally, though. And she will. When she's good and ready. =)

    In regards to my last post, go back and read Big Girl part 2... We had to schedule a c-section because she is a big one! Specifically her head is gigantic (but I'm assured, not freak-like). It's partially the GD but also just genetically big, since GD wouldn't really impact her bone size and her head and femer is in the 95th percetile. If I go into labor now, they might let me try and then see how it goes, but assuming she's no early bird we're all set for 2 weeks from today!

    Good luck Cilla!!! I know she's going to come SOON!

  6. I was going to suggest the same thing as Emily suggested with using the pump to do the nipple stimulation. Even postpartum, it causes uterine contractions when baby is feeding or you are pumping. It's worth a shot and it sounds a whole lot better than your other options!

    Of course, baby still technically has two more weeks, since most doctors won't induce until 42 weeks. Just hang in there and be patient. It will all be worth the wait in the end, trust me. Although my little Princess came a week early by c-section, it was worth all the adventures of my pregnancy. Consider this an adventure and just hang on for the ride!!

    I'll be checking for updates, though, so be sure to post when the contractions start!

  7. Your about to become a member of the 40 week club! Congrats! I'll suggest a few things that DONT work: hiking, biking, falling down stairs, falling off the deck. I tried all of them (ok some not on purpose) and went 5 days overdue. At least you are still getting sleep (? hopefully!).

  8. I am so sorry for you :(

    I hope she comes soon! I bet she will be extra precious!!!!

  9. ooo and my mom went into labor with my just by tying her shoes....first time she did it in 9 months...too bad it was Christmas morning though....I sortof ruined the day for everyone! :)

  10. Only 2 more days! I really hope she decides to come soon. My mother pushed a VW bug around the block when she was pregnant with my brother. (Back in 1985) Sent her right into labor. HAHAHA! My SIL tried the castor oil thing and all it did was give her diarrhea. So not worth it. On a hppy note, you still look totally amazing!

  11. hey i forgot to say that you look absolutely glowing! :) nice jersey!

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