Wednesday, August 4, 2010

39 Weeks - Ultrasound Update

Today Dr. F did an ultrasound at my regular weekly appointment to check baby Morgan to make sure all is still going well. This is what we learned:

My blood pressure is normal at 118/70. I am still only 1 cm dilated and about 50% effaced.

Morgan's heart rate was 151 and she is head down, in an anterior position, and at -2 station. Great news!! Perfect position to come on out!!! Her fluid is measuring 10.2...also perfect! He estimated that she's weighing about 7lbs 10ozs. Her legs are measuring long so that might make the weight estimate a little light. He guessed we're going to have an 8lb baby or maybe even 9lb if she waits another week or so before her big debut. Good news is that her head is measuring on the smaller side so hopefully that will make things easier on me. (Ben has a huge head, so I was worried...phew! She's taking after my hat size!!)

All great news!! We're both very healthy!! I feel really blessed!!

I hope this is my last doctor's appointment update before she arrives...if not, our next appointment in on our due date...August 11th.

I am feeling really ready, confident and very excited to welcome our little one into the world. I keep trying to picture what it's going to be like the first moment I get to hold her and look into her eyes and touch her tiny little hands. I know it's going to be magical and I can hardly wait!!!!

Its hard to believe that this special time has really arrived...I, Me, Priscilla is really about to have a baby any day now! I feel like I'm living in a sweet dream!!!


  1. Great to hear that you and Morgan are both doing well! She should be a healthy sized baby- nice work. I'm sure you are getting super anxious and ready to get her here! I already feel that way and I am 2 weeks behind you. So fun that we are moving into the next phase of this crazy journey!!!

  2. So exciting!! It really is so amazing you can't imagine it. You're last preggo photo looked beautiful and I'm glad you are feeling well.

  3. You really are living the dream and I am so happy for you. You look GREAT! Thank you for all of the updates...we're on pins and needles!

  4. I was less than 1cm when I went to my last appt and I had GV the next day. Sometimes it happens quickly so be prepared! Good luck and keep us updated.

  5. Heya! I am reading this and i am super dee excited for you! :)

  6. Doesn't it seem like a dream? I sit and fantasize about what that moment will be like and can hardly believe it's true.

    Baby Morgan sounds perfect!!! What comfort there is in knowing that if you feel any contractions or weird feelings, it's because she coming! Not because something is wrong. I'm so excited for you!!!!!!