Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weekly Update

How far along: 24 weeks, 1 day

Total Weight Gain: 14 lbs (wow...2 lbs in one week! I guess this is when the weight starts adding up fast!)

Symptoms: My boobs are starting to change...darker nipples with trace amounts of clear fluid. I guess my ta-tas are getting ready to make some milk. So weird and kind of exciting!!

Sleep: Not so good the last couple of nights. It's not so much that I'm uncomfortable it's just that I've been waking up so many times that the night doesn't feel restful. Rolling over in bed is getting tougher and I'm more aware of trying to stay off my back and on my left side. I guess I'd better get used to it...this is just nature's way of preparing me to never have a long night's sleep ever again...or a least for a VERY long time once Morgan arrives.

Best Moment Last Week: Meeting our Doula and deciding that she will be an invaluable part of my birthing team.

Movement: Not as much these days. I think baby had flipped and turned inward and has her feet burrowed down near my bladder and cervix so every time I stand up I feel like I have to pee even if I don't or I feel a sharp pain on my cervix. Also some of her kicks seem to be going inward toward my organs so they feel strange and not as intense since my placenta is on the back wall of my uterus. I liked it better when she had her limbs facing out and when she was upside down so I can feel and see her leg kicks more. Oh long as she's comfy, I'm happy.

Food Cravings: Frozen Snickers Bars...bad I know, but SO good!!!!

What I Miss: Nothing this week.

What am I looking forward to: Getting everything figured out on my registry...its a work in progress right now while I research products and ask experienced moms about there recommendations.

Milestones: Making it to viability (Fetus has a 50% of surviving outside the womb and odds just continue to increase from here.)

How is Daddy? Wonderful. We are so in love as we await the arrival of our miracle baby. This feels like a honeymoon of sorts. It's just so nice to have the weight of the infertility struggle lifted off us. We can make love again and not think about trying to conceive. We laugh easier and feel lighter in general. In a way we feel like the war is over and it’s a time of happiness and celebration!!!


  1. Congrats on 24 weeks. I felt a huge relief when I reached that point! Don't worry about the weight, it will come off!! My biggest weight gain was right around 24 - 26 weeks. Enjoy everything!!

  2. You sound so full of joy!! And you should be. How crazy is it that you're already at viability?? Not that you want her to come early, but the weeks keep flying and pretty soon it won't be a terrible thing if she pops out!! Is it me or is time just flying away?

    Sleep has been sucking for me too. I can't sleep through the night and I've been so warm lately...not sure what's up.

    Thanks for your comments about your doula. I need to email you about it, but my main thought is that I might get annoyed by this straneg woman being there the whole time. I might take lamaze from one and then see what I think. $550 is nothing for that service!! I'm hesitant though...

    Sorry for the long comment, but I had a dream that I saw you in a restaurant (like a Panera type place) and even though we've never met, I knew it was you and ran up to you like long lost friends!! I have fantasies that our girls will grow up and go to college together. I'm weird, right?

  3. Now I'm longing for a frozen snickers! I haven't been able to eat much lately, but that sounds so good!! :)

  4. Mmm a frozen Snickers bar sounds fantastic!!

    Congrats on 24 weeks!! I loved reading your last entry on natural childbirth and using a doula. People I know who have used a doula loved them -- I have heard that having a labor experience like you're describing is very empowering, too.

    I love how happy you and your DH are -- it's so wonderful that your dreams are finally coming true!!!

  5. Awe, 24wks...definitely time for happiness & celebration! So glad you guys are doing so well & enjoying this honeymoon period:)

  6. Congrats on viability! I'm anxiously awaiting getting to that huge milestone.