Monday, April 5, 2010

Quiz and a belly pic...

How far along: 21 weeks, 6 days
Total Weight Gain: 10.5 lbs
Symptoms: I feel fantastic all the time. I LOVE being pregnant. Even on days that I feel a little off, I just can't bring myself to complain...I have everything I have wished so hard for!!
Stretch Marks: A few...figure they are inevitable. I still use my Palmer's lotion every day just in case it might help.
Sleep: I sleep really well. Have to get up to pee once or twice a night, but I've gotten used to it.
Best Moment Last Week: Feeling her kick on the outside for the first time!
Movement: All the time!! She kicks harder and harder each day. Her Kung Foo moves even woke me up the other night. I LOVE the constant confirmation that she is doing well. And it melts my heart every time I feel her move. I am so in love!!!
Food Cravings: Chocolate milk and deviled eggs....don't ask.
What I Miss: Nothing...except a cold beer here and there now that the weather is warm and wonderful. :)
What am I looking forward to:  Going to Becoming Mom Spa...a place here in Cincinnati that does the whole 3D/4D experience. I am not scheduled to get another u/s from my doc until 34 weeks....yeah, like I can wait that long!! Plus we are eager to see what her face looks like!! I think we will go in the next month or so.
Milestones: Getting her nursery completed!
How is Daddy? Anxious to feel her kick. We keep trying but she always seems to stop her acrobatics as soon as his hand is on my belly. Maybe he'll be really good at soothing her to sleep when she comes out cause he seems to be doing that really well now. :)

Here are a couple photos from our weekend. We took our Jack Russell, Bunny, to the dog park to play some fetch since the weather was perfect...I LOVE spring!!


  1. Wow! I'm 22 weeks today and barely have a belly. Boo! I'm jealous!! :D

  2. Ahhh you look so precious!!!

    Question on your nursery (which I LOVE)...where did you order your glider from??

  3. Thanks, Emily!! We got our glider at Baby Depot (part of Burlington Coat Factory) price out there!! :)

  4. Love the new bump pic!! You are so perfectly pregnant looking...I want to look like that too!!

    Can I just gush over the nursery for a little bit more? My husband has asked me twice to look at it again!! He loves it! What I love most is how it's so sophisticated and yet still baby appropriate. I love it and next weekend after we have our anatomy scan - and gender identification hopefully, the shopping begins!!
    So glad you're still feeling good. You are having a fairy tale pregnancy. Yay!

  5. You look fantastic!!! I'm still not feeling my stubborn one move, so I'm jealous of all the movement you're experiencing!!!

  6. Thanks for the update! I love reading about others' symptoms and me an idea of what to expect. Oh, and you look amazing!! What a fabulous baby belly! Morgan is growing away in there :)

  7. Your bump is beautiful!! I LOVE it!! My bump is round, but not that perfect. I was about to do my quiz update and had to read yours first!

  8. You are so freaking cute!!! I only hope that I look that great at 21wks! Glad to hear you're soaking in the joy of this pregnancy:)

  9. I can't believe you're feeling so much movement already. Isn't it fantastic? GV has never woken me up in the night with his kicks & punches but he'll often move right after I switch sleeping positions. Also, I LOVE Morgan's room! It's so cute!

  10. You look amazing! Too cute! I'm so glad this is all going so well. Thanks for checking in on me. I really appreciate it.

  11. Wow, you look beautiful and such a perfect bump! Your dog is so cute too

  12. You look sooo cute with that little bump! Seriously, you're glowing!! =)