Thursday, May 6, 2010

Third Trimester!!

How far along: 26 weeks, 1 day

Total Weight Gain: 17 lbs

Symptoms: Heartburn people! Every single night I wake up with the worst heartburn ever. I have a Costco size container of Tums on my bedside table. Those seem to do the trick. Also my hands have been swelling a lot too. Yesterday I was out walking with a friend and my hands started to feel like they weighed 10lbs each...I looked down and they looked like a pair of blown-up latex gloves...yikes! My wrists were swollen too so I started moving my wrists in circle and wiggling my fingers a lot and raised my hands up in the air. It was hot outside so I don't think that helped any. When I got back in the air-conditioning the swelling went down a lot. Weird! I had to remove my wedding rings cause I'm afraid that one of these days they're gonna get stuck for good. I feel naked without them...I've never taken my rings off (except for cleaning them and maybe a few times when I was out gardening) since we got engaged. Boo!

Sleep: I still sleep very well. Happy about this because the tiredness has started to set back in. From weeks 14 - 24 I had so much energy, but now I get tired very easily again ... a lot like I did in my first trimester.

Best Moment Last Week: Playing the "poke game" with my baby. We do this all the time now! I gently poke a spot on my belly a few times, and then place my palm over that spot and wait. Within a few moments my baby pokes back right in that very spot. Next I choose another place on my belly and repeat. She almost always pokes back. It's so amazing to be playing a game with an unborn fetus. I love her so much!!! It melts my heart!!

Movement: See above

Food Cravings: Max and Erma's Hula Bowl Salad! Yum!

What I Miss: My husband!! He's been away on business all week.

What am I looking forward to: This weekend! My first MOTHER'S DAY!! We have big plans too! We are going to the Becoming Mom Spa to do a 3D/4D session. I can't wait to see what our baby's face looks like! I hope they are able to get really good shots!!!!!

Milestones: Making it to my third trimester!! Yay!!

How is Daddy? He's looking forward to coming home to see me and to rub my belly. :)


  1. Yayyy Sounds like everything is going so well! Time for a new belly pic. I love seeing your pics because you always look so cute!!!

  2. Yeah for reaching the thrid tri! Thank you so much for your comments on my posts. It has been so hard and I can really feel your love and support. I need that! You are wonderful!

  3. So incredibly happy for you. Congrats on the big 3!

  4. I'm totally going to try the poke game. My baby has been pretty lazy and uninterested up until now, but we'll see if maybe I can get some cooperation! Congrats on the 3rd trimester. What an incredible milestone.

  5. I LOVE the poking game! I also think my kids try to "fake out" their daddy because they will kick so hard and I'll grab his hand and they hide til the second he takes it off. So funny!

    Can't wait to see some awesome 3D (4D? I wish I knew the difference!) shots!

    Happy 3rd trimester!

  6. I can't believe you are already in the third trimester!!!! That is so great! It inspires me that this will go faster than it feels like right now. The poking game sounds so sweet.

  7. I haven't worn my rings in a couple weeks now! They would go on fine in the morning but at night it was getting harder and harder to take them off, so I just banished them. Now I worry that people think I'm single and knocked up!

    Third trimester!! Weirdly, this scares me to death because it means that I'll be there really soon too and i just feel like time is flying sooo fast!! Am i ready? Yikes!!!

    What an AWESOME way to spend Mother's Day!!! It will be so thrilling to see what she looks like!! Enjoy every minute of it.