Thursday, May 27, 2010

29 Weeks, 1 Day

How far along: 29 weeks, 1 day
Total Weight Gain: Ugh...who cares. I know it's more than 20lbs now. My doctor has said all is right on track, but at this point I'm avoiding the scale since it's kinda freaks me out.

Symptoms: Heartburn has really eased up. I have it occasionally, but nothing too severe at all. Other than that I feel pretty good most of the time. I'm always hungry too. I feel like a big round-rolly-polly who's movements are compromised, but I still feel really healthy and that's what matters!

Sleep: I'm needing more of it these days and fortunately I still sleep well so that's good.

Best Moment Last Week: Trading in my beloved Mustang Convertible (not baby or car seat friendly at all) for a Cadillac CTS (sporty-mommy car). I absolutely love the new car so that made it easier to say goodbye to my old one.

Movement: All the time. I think I can feel every little thing she does now. I love it, but sometimes at night I wonder if she's ever going to stop squirming so I can fall asleep. Oh and she's gotten the hiccups a few times now which feels really funny.

Food Cravings: Skyline Chili (It's a Cincinnati thing.)

What I Miss: My mom and dad. I haven't seen my dad since November and I last saw my mom in March, but only for a couple days. They are coming to town this summer for 6 weeks over my due date ensuring that they'll be here for Morgan's birth so that will be wonderful to have their support and company!!

What am I looking forward to: This weekend is my first baby shower!!!  It's hosted by my sister-in-law up in Dayton, Ohio where my husband's family lives. I am looking forward to seeing everyone on his side of the family!!

Milestones: Visiting the hospital for their maternity tour. It was really nice to be able to see where everything will take place so we can picture it. Certainly makes it real now!

How is Daddy? Great! He's taking tomorrow off so we have a 4 day weekend together!! Rare that he has that much free time with his busy work schedule. Looking forward to pool time at his parent's house!! :)


  1. We lived in Akron for a seven months. Nothing like chili over spaghetti - yet, it somehow works! :P

  2. Love the new car! Pretty hip mama you'll be...
    The hospital tour - makes it all even more real I bet? We don't get to do ours until late July! Cutting it close to me, but that's what they recommended.
    Good for you for not stressing over that scale!
    Have fun at your shower!! Savor every moment - you've been waiting so long for this and you don't want it to go by in a flash.

  3. Love the new car...very nice!!! Hope you enjoy your long weekend together:)

  4. Okay so your new "mommy-mobile" is really nice!!! I'm kinda done with the scale myself. Let's face it- those numbers are going to keep going up and my belly is pretty huge. :)

  5. i have a mustang too and am not looking forward to the day it must go (but you give me hope it doesnt have to be traumatic!).

  6. Love it! I want to see a new picture of your beautiful bump, though!! Can't believe how far along we are. I'm already at the 30 week+3 days mark. Gives me chills to think about that!