Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm Getting a 3rd Beta!!

I decided that I couldn't wait until December 23rd to go back to my doctor to get confirmation that everything is still going ok, so I called today to see if there was any chance they would let me come in for a 3rd beta. I was told that they typically don't do a 3rd beta if the second one showed a solid doubling, but they're willing to do it if I really want. So I jumped at the chance and I'm going in first thing tomorrow morning!

I'm hoping that my numbers will be 2450 or above. If they are then it will mean that I've doubled at least every 70 hours which is just right.

Symptom Update:

YAAAAWWWWNNNNN!! I have been totally exhausted. I mean yawn every 5 minutes exhausted. Every where I've read tells you to expect it, so I'm happily yawning my way through week 5!

My sense of smell is out of this world too! For example, my dogs were eating their dinner about 10-12 feet away from where I sit to use my computer on the kitchen counter. This is where it's always been and they were eating in the same place I always feed them, but the other night our system had to be changed. I could vividly SMELL their GROSS DOG-FOOD-EATING-BREATH from where I was sitting and it was revolting to me!! HAHA! I even feed them dry Iams dog food so it’s not like it’s the wet smelly stuff. I can't believe how heightened my sense of smell has gotten!!

My appetite is down...for some reason NOTHING really appeals to me. Even so, I’ve been forcing myself to eat all the things I know I should, but eating hasn't been as satisfying or enjoyable as I usually find it. I'm sure this will pass.

Other than those few things I haven't noticed much else. My cramping has really diminished to almost nothing. I still have trouble believing that I'm actually pregnant. Well, besides the fact that I've not had my period in almost 6 weeks nor have I had any spotting. I just know that getting this third beta will help put my mind at ease if it comes back well.

I'll update as soon as I get the call from the lab tomorrow!


  1. I would totally want a 3rd beta too. Just to be sure everything is going ok. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. So glad you're having great symptoms...I hope that makes any sense! I imagine symptoms feel very reassuring right about now, huh?

    Will continue to pray that all is well and that the 3rd beta hits 2450 out of the park!!

  3. I would do the same. I am sure everything is fine!

  4. Can't wait to hear tmw's results! I am sure everything will be just fine.

  5. Yeah I totally get your beta need :) It's going to fabulous! Can't wait to hear about it!

  6. I'm so excited for you- glad things are going well so far!! I'm praying so hard I'll be joining you soon..

  7. It's so nice that they understand how insecure someone in your position would be and are letting you get another test - I'd feel the same way! Good luck, but don't make yourself crazy with the numbers either - an icnrease is good and that's all you need to see. =)

  8. It sounds like things are moving along well, but I would do the exact same thing! Glad the doctor's office agreed. Take care!