Monday, March 8, 2010


How far along: 18th Week

Total Weight Gain: 9 lbs

Symptoms: I can't be on my feet for as long as I used to be able to. I hosted a dinner party over the weekend and by the end of the night I was exhausted. It was a fun evening so it was worth it. Other than that I have felt really like myself. I don't have any complaints. I really love being pregnant!

Maternity Clothes: For sure!! Tried a shirt the other day that I used to wear and it stopped above my waist...yikes!

Stretch Marks: Sadly, yes...but it's very light and I'm using Palmer's cocoa butter everyday. I figure they are inevitable since my mom and sister both got them, but I'm doing my best to minimize their appearance by using the lotion.

Sleep: Better now that we moved our little doggie back into her crate at night. She has been very spoiled and has slept with us for over a year, but now I just can't take it. Since it's harder for  me to get comfortable now, her movement is the bed was causing me to wake a lot in the night and I would push her off the bed. Sometimes that would wake Ben up too and we'd all three be awake...ugh. Now that we each have our own designated spot I think we are all sleeping better.

Best Moment Last Week: Walking the dogs with Ben and having it hit us all over again that I am REALLY pregnant and that we are REALLY expecting the baby we've dreamed about for so long!! It's so amazing to us!

Movement: Still very light flutters. I don't know if they've gotten lighter or I've gotten used to them, but sometimes I wonder if what I'm feeling is really the baby or just my digestion. I am getting very eager to feel stronger kicks so I am sure about what I'm feeling!! I know it should start happening soon so I'm trying not to be too's tough though when everyone I know said they were feeling really unmistable kicks at this point!! Com'on Baby...Kick the Momma!!!

Food Cravings: I craved fried chicken last week which was strange since I used to find greasy fried chicken disgusting! Also I craved a milkshake last night and I found that odd too. I have never really cared for milkshakes. I have been doing my best to not indugle in every horrible craving I have and just stick to healthy, balanced meals. I also eat a Red Delicious Apple every night before bed....that's been my favorite snack of all!! 

What I Miss: Wine with dinner...

What am I looking forward to: Baby KICKS!!!

Milestones: stretch mark? Nothing really baby related since the last quiz since I still don't know the sex, and the kicks haven't really changed.

How is Daddy? Wonderful! I know he's really looking forward to the baby's anatomy scan on March 19th. We both can't wait to learn the gender of our little Pea!!


  1. I also cant wait to feel those little kicks! and to find out the genders, it's killing me! I want to go shopping!

  2. Nice update!
    I need to start documenting this stuff of the reasons I started my blog was to document every little thing and I feel like all I do is post my worries.

    Have a I mentioned that I've been in maternity pants for a week and they are FABULOUS!!! It's life-changing.

    You're being so good with your eating! Now that my food aversions seem to over, I'm making a good effort, but ice cream keeps calling my name!! You inspire me to do better.

  3. :) I love to hear your updates! When is your next appointment?

  4. I loved reading your update! I've felt s kick, but nothing strong yet. Most websites say first time mamas don't feel them until 20 weeks or so. So no worries! Your u/s is one day after mine! I'll post pictures and I can't wait to see your pictures!

  5. Great update, I can't believe you've only gained 9 definitely must be eating well!

  6. You sound great Cilla :) Can't wait for the gender u/s!

  7. I loved this quiz! I may have to borrow it from you some time. When you mentioned milkshakes my stomach perked up and got veryyyy interested lol. I am glad you're doing so well (and impressed that you had the energy to throw a dinner party!!).